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ESI Vibratory Roller Compactor dedicated to compacting slabs, natural stone and pavers.  Previously if you wanted to compact slabs, natural stone and pavers you had to use a rubber mallet or a bolt-on sheet of plastic to cover the bottom of your standard vibratory plate.  Now with the EVPC120 these problems are eliminated.  The ESI roller compactor has rubber-coated rollers which allow the plate to move quickly and efficiently over the slabs and pavers.  The protected rollers will not chip or mark the slabs, natural stone or pavers and the rollers allow for easy and smooth maneuvering.  Lastly, when compacting polymeric jointing sand there is almost zero dust created!


  • EVPC120 Compaction Force 2,315 lbs
  • Folding handle for transport and storage
  • Rubber coated rollers to protect slabs/pavers
  • Durable rack and pinion throttle lever
  • Anti-Vibration handle
  • Almost zero dust created when compacting
  • Well placed lifting handles
  • 1 Year Warranty